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Exclusive Live Jazz Club


The old row of chinese shop-houses near the touristic KL Bukit Bintang is the attraction for the smart and sophisticated , with a range of designer restaurants, expat clubs and the famous No Black Tie Jazz club, one of Asia’s finest venues for live music and particularly Jazz. No Black Tie is the official KL stop for the best musicians in the world and its owner Evelyn Hii is one of the most excentric and appreciated cultural icons of the city.


When they moved to the current location 15years ago, Evelyn saw that a proper acoustic design be done which makes the slim and long room work well with natural acoustics already, at least with good reverberation in the mid range. Therefore the stage sound is more of the augmentation and compensation for what is lacking and a general amplification. The result is a very happy crowd and ongoing revenues.


But a nagging issue with a resonance at 200Hz remained a sore point, as this affected piano miking, created stage feedback and often could make the sound ‘muffled’. DEN was approach by the acoustician and the owner to understand the issues.


After simple testing and measures, the issue was isolated from being due to the speaker system then used in the room, which was overloading the room with this specific frequency and therefore triggering the feedback. Upon a consultation and a few weeks of listening to alternatives, the owner was satisfied that the new system improved the sound by 200% and completed the beauty of this magic Jazz venue, No Black Tie.

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