Potato Head Beach Club, Hong Kong

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Dining & Lounging


The really cool vibe and flow from Bali is breathing through this beautiful and relaxed outlet, where sophisticated patrons can sip on tiki cocktails and gorge on delicious foods, all under the high fidelity vibes from our Cornered Audio and French Flair Audio designer speakers, fully contributing their elegant designs and ravishing sound to the guests at any time of the day or night.


Using Cornered Audio C5TRM in silver platinum finish, to match the tones of the walls, and Frenchflair AS10Sub in cream white color to become a prop in the kitchen shelves, the sound systems in this project have been properly treated by the interior design and av consultant team, to become as much a part of the interior as the lighting or furniture it already.


The vast ‘day club’ includes a Tiki Bar, a shop, a lounge, a restaurant and a ‘secret’ music room to listen to chill on vintage vinyls and other musical treasures.

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