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LED screens are a modern solution for large venues and large crowds – we transform events and spaces into memorable experiences. Screens attract interest and are visible from far.


They are particularly well suited for displaying information and advertisements.


Our objective is to meet the customer’s need and facility requirements with seamless integration. LED screens are extremely energy-efficient, thus providing savings through reduced operating costs. Versatile control and management software ensures the right colors in all lighting conditions.

About us

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THE DEN STUDIO LTD was established in 2016 by industry veterans Nicolas Kirsch and Axel Vanderoost, each with 25 years of each of experience working at every level of the Audio and Video industry, with years in top positions of the world’s major audio-visual manufacturing groups.




The founders have put their industry knowledge together to build a new genre of AV Services company, able to deliver not only better services tailored to our clientele, but better designed AV experiences and more profitable technology solutions through custom manufacturing.

Who We Are

Specialist Skills


AV and Sound Design (Systems)


ODM LED Manufacturing

Building Acoustics


 Digital Audio Engineering


Interactive Media Engineering


GUI Design

 Structural Engineering Certifications

What We Do

System Design

From concept study of clients requirements to complete custom manufactured solutions, our creative approach to designing the right audio and video technology means your system will stand out and be fitted exactly to what the application requires.


Our team has designed custom AV solutions for over 25 years and for the largest corporate names in the entertainment, hospitality, education, cultural, travel or sports industries.


Using our panel of traditional skills (sketches, storyboards, musical and acoustic training, sociology) to modern CAD techniques (modeling, 3D, vizualization), we are able to communicate simply and efficiently with the clients to clarify the investment stakes and empower their decision making.

In an economy that demands fast returns while keeping in line with the industry’s trends and cutting edge, the investment in AV Technology can represent for many business a serious question of profitability and efficiency, or if badly advised, a myriad of problems, wasted time and capital, loss of time, value and revenue. The Den Studio is there to achieve the wanted results:


– Using our integrated Tech Manufacturing capabilites, and offering custom made solutions such as DLW LED Displays or Custom Loudspeakers, The DEN Studio Ltd can provide solutions at the leading edqge of technology and performance, at unbeatable costs.


– System design is at the core of the AV proposition and needs to address all the investor’s targeted benefits, just as the foundation of a building supports it for many years, the correct and adequate design will support the clients’ long term media and communication strategies and ambitions.


The DEN Studio Ltd is able to confidently advise on the right AV System Design for a successful long-term investment.

Project Management

Our 20 year experience in customized solution for AV projects and AV systems users means we truly know what happens at the ground level of projects and operation, before and after implementation. This enables us to support the client along the project life-cycle and beyond, ensuring that each phase is met with the adequate information for decision making, and that all project targets are achieved, or exceeded, on time and at cost.


Our bespoke project management service has given us the chance to continue serving, and grow, our valuable clientele, especially in the highly demanding area of Casinos, Entertainment, F&B and Transports sectors.


Weather the project is to implement a new AV system installation, audit or troubleshooting an existing system, conceptualize a new idea for our clients, or to manufacture LED displays, we approach every project with the same seriousness and concern for our clients ultimate benefits: Achieve the best return on their AV investments.

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The Den Studio is best known for its LED video screens and scoreboard systems in international stadiums and arenas. We supply all sizes and shapes of LED video walls and information screens. We also supply scoreboard systems for indoor and outdoor use that have been certified for different sports. In addition, we have built several LED screen solutions for shopping centers and public areas.

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