Mo Bar, Landmark Mandarin Hotel HK

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Luxury Sound System for High-Class Lounge


Mobar is the not only the day lounge of the LMHK but also their breakfast room and party room. Hence they required a system to do any level of sound volume and atmosphere at different times of the day and night.


When DEN won the contract they followed a classic Lounge Sound design approach using distributed point source speakers, and distributed sub-woofers, carefully laid out, placed or suspended to respect the interior design, and to provide a matrix of speakers that can be programmed to create any kinds of ambiences, from intimate background music, to Bar and cocktail music, to late night club sound.


Simple to operate via iPads or wall mounted controls, the sound is easy to respond the the various operations and hours. Using Amadeus PMX speakers and ML sub systems, we could maintain sufficient clarity even with the highly reverberant acoustics of the room, both at low and high SPL, and maintain the highest sound standard across all uses and applications with the same system.

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